Three types of papers can be submitted to GASS 2023:

Please use the Word templates from the links above, or the LaTeX templates.

In all cases, it will be required during submission to indicate one session of relevance for the paper. The descriptions of these sessions can be found here, either specific to a Commission or in the “joint sessions” list. Joint sessions are always listed under the sessions of the leading Commission.

In case no fit can be found between the contents of your paper and the session listed, it is possible to submit in an “open session”, i.e. receiving works relevant to the Commission but not well identifiable anywhere else.


You will need to submit a PDF version of your paper and to maintain compatibility it is important that you follow the instructions below.

  • All PDFs for which the author opts to submit to IEEE Xplore should be validated through PDF eXpress for Xplore compatibility. You can find instructions on how to access PDF eXpress here. The conference ID is 57860X.
  • We strongly recommend to use the PDF eXpress to check compatibility even if you do not want to have your paper submitted IEEE Xplore.


A registered author can only present a maximum of 2 papers. Commission Tutorials, ECR Tutorials, General and Public Lectures do not count toward this limit.

Three categories of presentations will be possible:

  1. Oral presentation on site in Sapporo,
  2. Poster on site in Sapporo + online material (pdf file of the poster and/or pre-recorded talk prepared according to pre-recording guidelines
  3. Pre-recorded online presentation prepared according to pre-recording guidelines

All Summary Papers (type A) physically presented at GASS 2023 (categories 1 and 2) will be submitted to IEEE Xplore (unless the author opts out). Summary papers with pre-recorded presentations (category 3) will not be submitted to IEEE Xplore, and will only be published in the URSI GASS 2023 Proceedings.

All extended abstracts (type B) in all presentation categories will not be submitted to IEEE Xplore, and will only be published in the URSI GASS 2023 Proceedings.

Full papers for the student paper competition (type C) will not be submitted to IEEE Xplore nor published in the URSI GASS 2023 Proceedings, in order to allow the authors publishing the material in URSI Radio Science Letters, Radio Science, or in another journal.

Presenting authors of all papers must register by the early bird deadline, otherwise their paper will be removed from the program. Exceptions may be granted upon a request to the URSI secretariat.


As in the past URSI GASSs, we will run the two young-scientist-related programs, namely the Young Scientist Award (YSA) and the Student Paper Competition (SPC). The application guidelines for these programs can be found at:


All the papers submitted to GASS 2023, will be checked for plagiarism and multiple publication through the IEEE CrossCheck Portal.


Please note that all the authors submitting a paper must express their consent with the
Agreement Granting URSI and IEICE Rights Related to Publication of Scholarly Work” when submitting their paper.

A copyright notice has to be added to the bottom of the first page of your source document. This has already been added in the templates. So please use the correct templates for Summary Papers, Extended Abstracts, and SPC Full Papers to submit your paper!!!!


For activities of Commissions A through K, please visit the following website:


For convened sessions (session titles, session conveners, session descriptions), please visit here to find the details.

Are you ready to submit your paper?